Why Its Hypocritical to Claim You’re “Woke” and Still Watch the SuperBowl.

From the NFL’s response to protests, to its army of sexual assaulters, here’s why you should skip this year’s Super Bowl.

Today marks one of the biggest days for sports fans and maybe even one of the biggest days in American culture. Growing up, I always enjoyed watching football with my dad and had even more excitement when Super Sunday finally arrived. I truly enjoyed everything about the big game whether it be scarfing down nachos with my family, shushing others to hear the commercials or rooting for the Steelers to get their fifth ring. Like many Americans I enjoy the entertainment of the NFL, but this year was definitely an unusual year for the league.

For starters, this was the first football season following the ousting of Colin Kaepernick. Labeling myself as an advocate for change and someone who has attended Black Lives Matter protests, I almost felt sick at the thought of watching this season knowing that Colin was still being blackballed for taking a knee against police brutality. It also did not help that the President took to Twitter to voice his opinion that players should be fired for not standing for the flag. And on top of all of that, the all white clan of NFL owners decided to agree with Trump and express that they want their players to stand for the national anthem. Luckily for me, my idol Angela Rye addressed that she would be boycotting the NFL for similar reasons. And even though most of you are probably going to watch tonight’s game, I just want you to think about the reasons as to why its hypocritical to call yourself “woke” and help an organization like the NFL increase its profit and power.

Black people and the NFL

The NFL’s complicity to players’ treatment of women

Justin Timberlake at the halftime show

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